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​VR Life Virtual Reality Arcade has (7) Room Scale Stations. Each room includes a commercial-grade headset and a pair of controllers in each. We recommend your child is at least five years old and able to read; to navigate their way through the game.  Multi-Player games cannot be played in (1) Room Scale.  If you want to be able to play games with your friends, then everyone will have to reserve their station.  This experience can be shared; allowing (1) person to play while the others watch on TV:

  1. Choose your game

  2. Put on your headset and grab your controllers.

  3. Get ready to be fully immersed inside the 3D World of your choice​​








It would help if you were at least 4 1/2 feet tall AND

no more than 275 lbs

**Active Omni experiences can't be shared

**Equipped for up to (4) gamers at a time**

  1. Put on the overshoes

  2. Climb into the base and secure the harness

  3. Put on your headset and grab your controllers

  4. Get ready to experience gaming like you never had before

  5. Gym shoes and T-Shirts are recommended​​












You may view our games on our GAMES page along with short trailers to help you decide which experience you'd like to get in.  You can change your games as often as you'd like, and your time is your time.  


Please be sure to read our terms and conditions before booking with us.  When you book with VR Life Arcade, we ensure space for you upon arrival.  It is MANDATORY that you call after making a reservation for large groups to ensure that your session has been received and that there will be adequate staff to serve you.   Please make sure you can attend your booked session and plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early to ensure waivers are signed and games are selected or risk losing your reservation.  NO REFUNDS!!

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