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2 hours (minimum)


About the Course

Why Choose VR Life as Your STEM Venue?

1. Versatility: From schools to churches, colleges to corporate teams, we cater to diverse audiences. Our flexible space adapts to your needs.

2. Immersive Learning: Dive into the world of virtual reality! Explore scientific concepts, engineering marvels, and mathematical wonders—all while having a blast.

3. Team-Building Experiences: Strengthen bonds and boost teamwork through interactive challenges. Our VR simulations encourage communication, problem-solving, and camaraderie.

4. Cutting-Edge Amenities:

o High-Speed Wi-Fi: Stay connected and enhance your digital experiences.

o Seating: Tables and chairs for workshops, seminars, and brainstorming sessions.

o Impressive Flat Screens: Perfect for presentations, demos, and showcasing STEM achievements.

o Convenient Access: Public transportation nearby for easy commuting.

o Well-Lit Parking Lot: Safety and convenience for your guests.

o Green Wall: A touch of nature to inspire creativity.

o Makerspace Ready: Bring your innovative projects to life!

o Fundraisers and Podcasts: Host engaging events that leave a lasting impact.

o Book Signings: Connect authors with their readers in a unique setting.

o Video Shoots: Capture stunning visuals against our futuristic backdrop.

Your Instructor



At VR Life, innovation is our heartbeat. Our cutting-edge facility is more than just a space—it’s a gateway to limitless possibilities.

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